About You See I Am Photo

You See I Am offers participatory photo workshops to groups over days or weeks. Projects are designed to hone in on the precise personal messages people want to convey to the general public via their images and words. For groups that cannot commit to a participatory workshop, You See I Am also offers portrait sessions taken by professional photographers to pair with the subject's own words. 

Liz Gottlieb

In addition to facilitating You See I Am, Liz Gottlieb is the author of We Are One: Stories of Work, Life, and Love, and is a licensed clinical social worker with a part time private practice in Gainesville, Florida. After receiving her MSW from Hunter College CUNY, she worked for years as assistant director and acting director of the Members Assistance Program, a social service department within 1199/SEIU, a large health and hospital workers union in NYC. She has been working to address the problems associated with the roles fear and insecurity can play in our inability to truly get to know one another, and strives to help tackle societal ignorance and the lack of connection between people’s true inner identity and the other’s “outer” assumptions.

Charlotte Kesl

Charlotte Kesl is an independent photographer based in Gainesville, Florida. She works for national news outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Atlantic. She also collaborates with nonprofits. Charlotte has a Masters degree in Media, Communication and Development from the London School of Economics (UK) and a Bachelors of Arts from American University (Washington, D.C.). Since 2008, she has worked for humanitarian organizations in post-conflict countries in West Africa and South America focusing on public health, girl education and women's issues. In 2014, she helped launch Project Cordillera, a sustainable adventure tourism company in South America. 

Gisel Olivares

Gisel Olivares is a remote freelancer based in France working for U.S. companies. She caters her digital marketing services, via her online brand, GeeOlives, to small businesses, nonprofits, and sustainable brands. Gisel was born in the Dominican Republic but grew up in NYC, where she lived for 16 years. Then, she moved to Miami, where she attended Florida International University and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communication. After six years of living in Miami, she moved to Paris with her husband. While in Paris, she completed her online Master of Arts in Communication with a specialization in Web Design & Online Communication from the University of Florida.